Reading our way around the world in 365 days

A book challenge between 23rd April 2010 - 22nd April 2011

Around the World in 365 Days - through reading
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a book challenge which aims to read books from as many countries as possible in one year.

"There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars."
— Jack Kerouac (On the Road)

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Welcome to readtheworld, a book challenge community, which aims to read books from as many countries as possible in 365 days.

If you like books, travelling, challenges or one or two of the either, then please join us in the fun.

The challenge runs between 23rd April 2010 - 22nd April 2011, so get your luggage packed, passport ready, comfortable shoes on and your mind opened for a literary world trip. It's bound to make you laugh, sigh and cry.

Are you a Curious Tourist (18 countries)? Or perhaps an Ambitious Adventurer (36 countries)? Or maybe one of those Impressive World-Traveller (+66 countries)? Whatever you are or aim to be, you're welcomed here!

If you'd like even a bigger challenge, then you can also decide to go backpacking and read books from country border to country border and give a spin to the "around the world in 365 days" phrase.

For the purpose of this challenge, the following two will be considered as a 'country visit':

A) A book set/taking place in the specific country (but not necessarily written by a native author).
B) A book written by an author from the specific country (but not necessarily set there).

For full set of information, guidelines, rules and everything else that you should know, please read our FAQ.

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